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Our Wooden Bayonets are Solid Ash or Hickory and Approved by the US Military!



Our solid hardwood bayonets are used in the tradition of western bayonet fencing or eastern Juken  Traditionally called a Mokuju (wooden rifle) or Juken (wooden bayonet). The weapon is approx 45-5/8" long, 1" thick, with a 3.5" wide stock, modeled to simulate the length of a M-16 with bayonet attachment. They are designed to hold up to much abuse common in standard training activities. Only clean high-grade hardwood is used to ensure solid strong stock. Usually light tan in color, A rubber tip is included to absorb shock during thrusting.




Solid Ash or Solid Impact Grade Hickory  Model

Bayonet Trainer used by the Marine Corps

Solid Ash Model - 45-5/8" Long - Item # WBTAC45-58 Price $49.95 Ea.

  Solid Impact Grade Hickory Model - 45-5/8" Long - Item # WBTH45-58 $59.95 Ea.

Seconds Quality Grade available while supplies last

Bayonets will have some Nicks & Scratches-(See below for pricing)


Bayonet Trainers used by the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)


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Longer Style Wooden Bayonet Trainer


Longer Style Solid Ash Model - 52-5/8"

Item # WBTA52-58 Price $50.95 Ea.


Longer Style Solid Hickory Model - 52-5/8"

Item #  WBTH52-58 $60.95 Ea.


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