Pummel Stick Release of liability

(Please Print, Fill out, Sign & Fax or Email)

This release must be signed & faxed to 978-824-9508

Before any Pummel Sticks Or Training Equipment Can be shipped.


It is recommended that Pummel Sticks Only be used with Adult Supervision and that participants obtain instruction from a qualified self-defense instructor.

Pummel Sticks, Protective gear and accessories are intended only to reduce the risk and severity of accidental injury to protected areas during supervised sparring. All sparring participants should wear full sets of equipment. Recommended minimum: head gear, hand gear, chest guard, mouth guard and groin protection. Users assume all risk. Pummel Sticks sold on this site are not recommended for Persons Under the Age Of 16 Years!


I, (Name)__________________________________________,



Of (Address)_______________________________________,



(City)________________, (State)_______,( Zip)___________

Do now release, acquit and forever discharge PugilStick.Com and it's partners and or Divisions  from any and all actions, claims, demands or damages resulting from any death, known or unknown injury, loss or damage, sustained by me or any persons using Pummel Sticks purchased from PugilStick.Com. And do agree to seek qualified instruction for Pummel Stick Equipment.

I have executed this release on _________________(Date).



  (Person Signing Must be 18 Years of Age or older)


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