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All Weather Fabric

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Designed For The Marine Industry

SURELAST is an all-weather polyester fabric that is 100% solution dyed and urethane coated. Since its edges won't fray during production, SureLast is a fabricator's delight. With a warranty against loss of color, SURELAST resists any degradation from sunlight, mildew, rot or atmospheric conditions.

Design to look new and function as new, year after year.
Has done so well in the field that 5 million yards have been produced.

Choose From Available Colors Below

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Price per Yard $ 19.95 (60" Wide)

Plus S&H 

Cut Yardage Products Add $5.50 Roll Charge.

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The large boat manufacturers have latched on to SURELAST™ fabric and are
starting to use it at the OEM level as an upgraded product.  Since SURELAST™ fabric
is solution-dyed and made to last they are happy because they don't get
customer returns on a product that is falling apart because of  Sub-Standard Quality.

Easy to work with in fabrication. 
It doesn't stretch or shrink--it stays the way you sew it.  No hot knife or
surging is needed, the edges don't fray, also non-abrasive and
doesn't abrade so heavy reinforcing is not necessary.

Below is a comparison of   SURELAST™ Solution-dyed Polyester to an acrylic fabric:
Benefits of  SURELAST™ over a solution-dyed acrylic in a marine application

It is very stable, it stays the way you sew it, less than 1% stretch or shrink.

Non-abrasive, it is actually a trailerable product, it is non-abrasive to gel coat surfaces.

Doesn't abrade -If you poke a hole in it, you will just have a hole in it, it doesn't unravel or fray.

More water resistant (100 psi back side/60 psi fabric face)

Breathable (Oxford weave allows water vapor to escape)

Outstanding silkscreen & printing adhesion

UV and mildew resistant

Doesn't need hot knifing or surging edges.  It can be die or computer cut, doesn't unravel.

Since it doesn't abrade, it doesn't need heavy reinforcing.

Click Here   for SURELAST™ Spec Sheet.

SURELAST™ When you want your cover to last !


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