Super Soft Super Light Pugil

This Pugil Stick is Flexible & Designed For Light Contact Only! Under Supervised Conditions

Rigid Style Available for Heavy Contact

The Super Soft Super Light Pugil Sticks should be used in a 50 degrees or warmer environment.
If Pugil Sticks are to be used in a colder environment we recommend a rigid style Pugil Stick.

Weight Approx 4.5 Lbs, Length Approx 50" or 72"

2 Foam End Pads. 1- Center Pad 2 Hand & Wrist Guards

Typically Ships in Black & Red (Other Color Combinations Available)


Flexible 50" Model Item # SSSLFP50 Price Ea. $127.45 Ea.

Rigid 50" Model - Item # SSSLRP50 Price Ea. $144.45 Ea.


Flexible 72" Model Item # SSSLFP72 Price Ea. $161.45 Ea.

Rigid 72" Model - Item # SSSLRP72 Price Ea. $178.45 Ea.

(Volume Discounts Available)


Add a Protective Gear Package for Only - $169.95 Ea. (Item # PSPGP3)

Each Protective Gear Package includes: 1-Headgear with Face Shield,1-Chest Protector,1-Groin Guard

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Yoseikan - SofStix

Designed For Close Combat and Martial Arts Training

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Training Batons


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