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Plus $99.90 Minimum Labor & Set Up Charge - This fee usually covers setting 40 grommets or less

($ 49.95 Per Hour additional for larger jobs - 20 grommets per hour )

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Grommet Size Desired (Check 1)  

#4 - 9/16" ID........... .89 Ea.  UPC#13052/4

#6 - 3/4" ID......... $2.99 Ea.  UPC#13052/6

#8 - 1-1/16"ID...... $3.39 Ea.  UPC#13052/8

#10 - 1-7/16" ID.. $4.98 Ea.  UPC#13052/10

#12 - 1-5/8" ID..... $3.49 Ea.  UPC#H40R/12 (Not Rolled Rim)

Type of Finish desired (Check 1)    

  • Prices above are for Brass Rolled Rim Grommets With Spur Washers

  • Add 15% for Matt Nickel Plate & Black Oxide finishes

Brass    Nickel Plated    Black Oxide   Matt Nickel   Antique Brass

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